Today we went for a walk!

We’re listening to Beethoven. The fire is roaring.
Right now Ken is in the kitchen.. This is somewhere you can usually find him.
Im sipping glasses of water while trying this typing thing out.
He is cooking two cornish hens. The potatoes are peeled thanks to moi, getting
sauteed in the saucey sauce, ready to be scalloped potatoes.
Hes got the onions and spices ready to be added.
Marley girl is wiped. We went for a spring hike before it started snowing just now.
The ramps are like 10% up. The mushroom and funguses are weak so far. There is bright
green, soft moss popping up on dead trees and rocks. Jim Cricket enjoyed himself.
Eating pretty much anything he can reach, rubbing his horns on trees and bramble.